Tyler Jeffrey, who deserves a medal for all he did for us…in three days of househunting, Tyler took us to probably about 15 houses, including 3 houses that we visited twice, and gave us great restaurant and happy hour recommendations every day so that we could unwind. We did find a house and submitted an offer that weekend, and then we had to return to Colorado, but we felt okay leaving since Tyler was so on top of everything! He worked through the counteroffers, scheduled an inspection (which he went to with my sister since we were not in town) and closing, all in 3 weeks time. In short, we love Tyler!

– Emilie L.

Liz, we cannot thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put into our home buying experience. Your patience, dedication and support along the way was truly incredible.

– K & D

Robert Crawford helped my wife and me buy our first house earlier this year. He exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only did he turn us on to several under-the-radar neighborhoods and dazzle us with his deep knowledge of the DC market, but he also consistently impressed us with his diligence, responsiveness, candor, and thoughtfulness. Buying a house for the first time can be scary. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Robert.

– Jonas L.

I can't help but smile sitting in my new house... Thank you for all you did to help make this happen! Right from the first day when you walked me through the whole process, your friendliness and knowledge has made the experience fun and easy. I hope to keep in touch!

– Mark

Tyler Jeffery is fantastic! Always available, knowledgeable, and eager to help however they can. My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and Tyler made an otherwise intimidating process, smooth and enjoyable. I would recommend [him] to all my friends and family!

– Jessica C.

I wanted to get in touch and thank you for everything you did for us. [We] honestly couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, especially with our new home. We’ve been here for a little over a month now and are still just thrilled about this house and the location. It is the perfect fit for us and you were such an important part in making this happen! I wish you both nothing but the best with your families, and we will hopefully see you guys around the area. Thank you again for all that you did for our family!

– Tricia L.

Tyler is a great agent. During that initial meeting, Tyler explained in detail their process for finding the right property for me as a new home buyer. After I left the meeting I was excited to share my experience with my wife and soon after she met him, she thought Tyler was also as detailed. Tyler always took into consideration price and never pushed us to go higher, in addition to always taking notes and determining our likes and dislikes on the properties. He then would send out a detailed report to us after every housing search with notes on the day and recommendations for new properties. He was so detailed at his job, that we literally were able to find a new home to our taste within about 3 weeks.

– Marquette M.

Robert was excellent and very patient. We looked at everything from one-bedroom condos to houses all over DC. He did a great job allowing me to be involved, learn along the way, and helped me figure out what I wanted and could afford. As we got closer, he was very honest about his opinion on properties before we put an offer down. I never felt pressured to do make an offer or walk away from anything, but certainly felt like he was watching out for my best interests. In the end, I suggested looking at a property, and Robert quickly reacted and we put together an offer and closed within 3 weeks thanks to his team and recommended inspectors, lender, title co., etc.. The process was not without complications, but was a welcome journey with Robert leading the way.

– Brian N.

I’ve had so much fun getting to know you and learn about home buying from you. Thank you so much for listening so attentively to my wish list, patiently answering my never-ending questions and always making yourself available – and of course never letting a questionable parking situation get us down!

– Melissa F.

Tyler helped my husband and I find our home in February 2011 and we couldn’t have imagined going through the process with anyone else. Being first time home buyers, we were more or less clueless on the process and while the prospect of owning our very own home was exciting, the process seemed very intimidating. Tyler took time to explain everything in ways that we could understand and answered all of my questions – even the crazy ones. Much to our surprise, we found our house on our very first outing and have loved it every day since moving in. When an issue arose with the seller’s agent, Tyler heard our concerns, went to bat for us and was able to get us what we wanted. We were so thankful for that! We absolutely loved working with Tyler and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. If we ever decide to leave our current house, he will be the first and only person we will call.

– Amanda P.

Tyler and Katie, I cannot express enough how thankful I am for your commitment and exceptional service throughout my entire home buying process. Clearly, you both provide exquisite service and possess profound knowledge in the industry. However, what I wish to emphasize most are your kindness, friendliness, and personal touches that made a potentially stressful experience pleasant and fun. Obviously this is not goodbye – Tyler has successfully brainwashed me to understand this relationship goes on into the future. I am excited for everything I do going forward with you both and hope I can direct plenty more customers in your direction.

– Oliver J.

Robert has lived in the DC area for much of his life, and his knowledge of the neighborhoods throughout DC is amazing. His knowledge of the process of buying and the current tenor of the real estate market in DC is equally impressive. Best of all, Robert went out of his way to make himself and his knowledge available to us, and was always able to answer my (many) questions clearly and quickly.

– Cath L.

Tyler is a gem! I have brought and sold properties through Tyler and never have I experienced such care, patience, knowledge and efficiency in a realtor. He is one of the most delightful people to work with and he’s the best cheerleader when the process sometimes bogs you down. I heartily recommend him to anyone looking to explore the property market – whether you are first time buyers (he navigates this field especially brilliantly!) or 5th time buyers. He is fun and engaging but now that I have settled in my new home, I really do miss our “field trips”…

– Dori P.

We first met Liz Mandle in December, submitted an offer in late January, and successfully closed in late February. From the very beginning of our interactions with Liz, she was not only very kind and easy to work with, but also professional, efficient and effective in her work. We truly believe that she helped us get an excellent price on the house we ended up buying, and that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the same result without her (or another agent for that matter). She was always available and responsive, willing to go the extra mile to provide us with additional thoughts/ideas/comparables to give us comfort that every angle had been considered. All around she gave us comfort that we were in good hands and made the whole process enjoyable and easy. We will strongly recommend her to our friends and contacts who are beginning a home search, and think that, in Liz, you have an excellent asset on your team. We just wanted to convey how happy we were with her work and how much we appreciated her expertise and kind support.

– T & A

Tyler was especially helpful, sticking with us through three offers, some less-than-reasonable sellers, an issue with the appraisal, and other hiccups. He also has been a great resource since we closed, helping us out with any loose ends or telling us who to talk to get something fixed. My wife and I consider Tyler a friend. Thank you, Tyler!

– Alex C.

Thanks so much to you both, Robert & Tyler. You have done a tremendous job from start to finish. You were aggressive and detail oriented, but also understanding when my wife or I had a concern. I truly will recommend you guys to anyone I know who needs a realtor without any reservation whatsoever. I’m sure we’ll see you whenever we get it together to have a housewarming party!

– Adam N.

Thank you for being the greatest team of real estate agents for novice first-time homebuyers like us. There may have been a few leaks along the way but we always felt like we were your #1 priority and only clients throughout the process.

– Jill and Dan

We were incredibly lucky to run into Tyler Jeffrey at an open house when we were just dipping our toes into the real estate market. Two months later, we are settling in to our new home and could not have been more thrilled with the attentive and professional service we received from him and the rest of his team. Knowledgeable, responsive, supportive… Tyler listened at length as we discussed our hopes and fears for the house-buying process and went out and found us an ideal place; one which we would likely have otherwise missed, since it was slightly outside of the area in which we were originally looking. We fell in love with it, and he and his team were a huge help throughout the rest of the process, including many phone calls from us at odd hours and during the holidays. They’ve earned our enthusiastic endorsement.

– Jeffrey L.

As a first time homebuyer, I could not more highly recommend Robert Crawford. Honesty, integrity, reliability, and professionalism are the qualities that come to mind when I think of the interactions I had with Robert while looking for my first home. And believe me, I know the difference between a good Realtor and a bad one. Not only did Robert arrive at all of our appointments on time, armed with listings, ideas, and comps, but he always provided me with OBJECTIVE information, not speculation, not options influenced by personal preferences – OBJECTIVE information. Additionally, Robert showed me properties until I was satisfied that I had seen what was out there and was ready to make my decision and never made me feel like I should hurry up. Finally, he was able to get me to think outside of the box and consider a variety of areas/options that would meet my requirements that I would not have thought of on my own. What can I say, he is the best!

– R.H.

Thanks so much to you both, Robert & Tyler. You have done a tremendous job from start to finish. You were aggressive and detail oriented, but also understanding when my wife or I had a concern. I truly will recommend you guys to anyone I know who needs a realtor without any reservation whatsoever. I’m sure we’ll see you whenever we get it together to have a housewarming party!

– Adam H.